About Emily

Hi there!  I'm Emily Nyman, a photographer based out of Noblesville, IN. Photography is one of my favorite things because I love getting to connect with clients. I feel that each client becomes a friend and that truly helps show true emotion and love on camera.


When I started Emu's Images I was just a girl with a camera with a love of taking pictures of livestock. I have evolved into a big advocate of getting clients as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. Getting to know one another and learn about the love you share with your significant other is such an important part for me. I get to truly show your love in images that you will look back on for years to come!

When I am not working on my photography or working with livestock you can typically find me running, hiking, watching The Office, or cuddling with the pets!


The Memorable Moments

When your senior year comes around, there is some sort of buzz. You realize you are growing up, maybe going off to college, but you know one thing for sure... you are almost done with high school!

My goal is to learn about what your dreams and goals are and show that through your senior pictures. I know when I was a senior I felt so uncomfortable when I had my senior pictures taken and I want to make sure no one else feels that way. I want my seniors to know what it is like to have amazing, real, authentic pictures and to have a fun time!